New on Keep Learning: Technology-Enhanced Teaching in Higher Ed and Corporate

Check out my brief post over at Keep Learning that connects some of my experiences as an instructional designer in higher education who occasionally looked over the fence to the corporate e-learning field:

Bridging the Gap: Technology-enhanced Teaching in Higher Ed and Corporate. (As a bit of history, the eye-opening conference that I reference in the post is e-Learning DevCon. I commented on the 2009 event here.)

Also, I link to a report on LMS comparisons authored by Software Advice that quotes me describing the need for simplicity. Software Advice had conducted a survey of more than 150 HR professionals who use learning management systems. They aimed to discover how their organizations are using these systems for training, what benefits and challenges they’ve experienced and what their plans are for 2015. The results should help LMS buyers as they seek technology solutions in an era when human resources and professional development initiatives sees employee engagement as more important than compliance training.