On Kristen Hicks’s The Benefits of Blogging in Education

Blogging for learning is nothing new, but Kristen Hicks presents seven ways learners can benefit from blogging as a way to share their learning progress. Two of these benefits include:

  • Increased student opportunities to interact with each other

  • The opportunity and incentive for students to take ownership over their ideas and voice

Implicit in these benefits is the idea that when students understand that their work will be public, they feel pressure to write better. This kind of pressure is akin to the scrutiny and opportunity for either praise or criticism students may face in their future careers, and, of course, on the open web.

Keep in mind, educators often use “blogging” to simply mean any shared journaling activity, ignoring the value of the individually-owned, public-facing blogs that we all know and love. Hicks’ list doesn’t specify benefits inherent only in real-world blogging; they also apply to walled-garden style class journaling.

Cross-posted from Keep Learning