Weekly Notes for 2010-02-28

Feb 28, 2010 at 1:49 pm, Jared Stein Twitter posts for the week @qadmon People I’ve talked to at #ITC10 loved your insights into the open course you taught. Thanks again for the interview! in reply to qadmon # Hacked away at 5 postcards tonight for my #motleyread friends. # @diamond_mind Sorry man, wish you’d […]

The Cheatability Factor in Online Education

Presentation Slides cheatability_factor.ppt The Cheatability Rubric http://learningfield.org/cheat What is your online course’s “cheatability factor”? 75% of students have admitted to cheating during their college career, and according to some studies online assessment makes cheating easier. This session considers technical, philosophical, and environmental factors that may increase or decrease the cheatability of online courses from design […]